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Here you can listen to music composed by me. I will allways update the site when I have made something new.


Contact information:

26.October.18. Well, I am back again in Norway, took nightbus from Copenhagen to Oslo the night to 14.August. Then I went to a short trip to Hamburg from 17.September to 21.September. I have made a nice computer corner in my apartment now, I like to pretend it is internet cafe, so I just enjoyed lots of good food while watching videos on youtube and working on my websites. I have added a player that plays random songs from my collection, here in this dronjom-news page. I have also worked on the menu, now you can switch between three different versions of the menu. I will later start a newspaper called Dronjomland Nytt, Nytt means New or News. I am moving around in my city by bicycle, and last week I was bicycling 108 kilometers to the city where my family has a holiday home. I fixed the dronjom.piczo-news site. God bless you all.

5.August.18. I should maybe write updates more often here. I am now traveling a little secretly hehe, without telling everybody where I am. I feel very free.

12.April.17. Hi. What is the future of this website universe? I hope it will be fantastic. I made new menus at the top recently. I am now in Georgia

27.March.17. I am now in Armenia, in Yerevan city. We talk about making a band, and make Armenia as the 60s. I started a diary about it today, here is link: 60s Armenia Diary

8.August.16. My life is little scary now. So much traveling the last 2 years, and I have a lot of traveling ahead of me. I am in Paris, and I plan to go to Istanbul. I think it is time to work more with this website, since it is my oldest website, it is like my home. I should start to make little songs again sometimes, little rimes, little poems, with friends.

18.April.16. I went for few months to Georgia, and learned the Georgian alphabet, and then couple of months ago I came back to Armenia, but now I plan to travel a lot soon. Not sure yet. I am at internet cafe. I miss being at internet cafe too much, so I have a relaxing day today at internet cafe. Make some up-dates in different websites. So I thought I wanted to make a Top10-list with my favorit websites! So I will start to fix with this now.

03.August.15. I have been traveling in different countries since I left Norway 08.April.2014, now I am in Armenia, and it is time to work with websites again. I have to rebuild this website, because it was deleted, and it is a "puzzlegame" to put together the files I still have. But also a chance to make a new design. Today it is Monday, first Monday in August. New week, new month. Today begins a new chapter in my website production.

24.06.14. I live in another contry now.

21.03.14. I am working a lot with my other websites these days.

09.02.14. Well, these days I am working with many websites at the same time. I think my favourite hobby has changed. Before it was games, then it became composing music, and now my favourit hobby is making websites. Very cool! I will show you later. I can use my music as background music at the websites I am making! So far I have used Melsk and DanceGod, and I renamed DanceGod to DanceKing. I am in a very good mood these days. I am travelin a lot. I love to travel! Train is my favourite way to travel! :)

19.01.14. Hi.

17.08.13. Hi everyone :) the date 08.08.13 I made a lot of new updates to this wonderful world at Dronjom's dreamworld :D 

26.07.13: I chaged headline for the site to "dronjom's dreamworld", and it would not only be about music, but other happy projects too :D peace to all, and love <3 :)

13.07.13: updates today:
+ made a change to this News-section. Reuploaded a old "dronjom news" picture I used earlier :)

12.07.13: updates today:
+ updated the TV Dronjom section and renamed it. Made a lot of new links to music videos an stuff so now it is updated.

11.07.13: updates today: 
+ I made new logos in paint with text in color blue :) 

10.07.13: hey! this is a historic day! we are a .com !! juhu, chech it out, !! :D easyer than ever. and I also fixed the Guestbook, so now the guestbook is good too! it's empty though, be the first to make a comment if you'd like :) .. look at my update from 07.01.13, now I can edit my homepage from home for the first time :D from my own home, I have lived here since 2009, and I have not been able to edit my homepage from here till now, but hey, it feels good :) it is good chances for a new update here tomorrow too, things goes fast now, I like that:)

09.07.13: hi everyone, I'm still alive, more than ever :=) the news at this homepage would be more active from now, look forward to good stuff B=) I am woking with a new project: a internet radiostation(: I'm looking forward to it, I bet it would be really fun for me; and hopfully for you too :) you are great . and I moved A World Of Peace from 2. place to 1st place at my top200 list because: it is my favourite :D

07.01.13: My life is so inspiring these days. I wish I could be more active at this page, but I can only edit it at my mom and dads house. I have not made so much new music the latest weeks, but soon I will be back with new inspiration :-) did you know I am a fireGeminiRabbit? :) I have a lot of creativity and energy in me, so that might fit quite well :)

01.01.13: happy new year everyone! :) I start the new year with uploading my newest piece I made with my friend Kurt L. from south Norway in the weekend at saturday 29th december, it is called:
- Start Within Yourself (link to youtube video) I hope you like it :-) I ranked it 3rd in my Top200 list :D

27.12.12: Happy Holydays everyone, and good Christmas and a happy new year next week :) 6th of december I was in Bergen in west-Norway and sang this song: 
-Daniels musikkopptreden i Bergen 06. desember 2012 
And I also hope you will check out this new network community:
And I also started a new group at facebook for musicians and perople enjoying music:
-The Coneheads with peace and music
And we got a new cat at my parents house on friday 21.of desember, her name is Pernille, she is very cute :-)

01.12.12: hello my good friends :) uploaded A Dust In The Universe. 

27.10.12: I have made two new pieces lately, To The Radio instrumental and A Mysterical Experience :) hope you like them. I don't like the second one to be totaly honest hehe, but I think it have potential if I make a remake of it, and it have some nice melody, espessialy the melody on electric piano at the end :) I also have a bad news to give you today, my cat died today, I have known it since I wore 13 years old, it was 11 years old now. R.I.P. Casper <3

15.10.12: Hey, I got a mail in my inbox today, two of my songs would be launched at the website in desember! :D This songs: A World Of Peace and Reise seg igjen :-) hurray!

14.10.12: I made a new song this weekend: Let's Go Party - and I was in a good partymood this weekend :-) I placed it 10th in my Top200-list, so it might be worth have a listen :) "I Want To Stay With You" left out of the Top10-list. And I also realized that after the instrumental piece Rellen left out of the Top10 a week ago it is now historic that it is for the first time a Top10 without instrumental pieces at all!! :) Rellen have been in Top10 since I made it in 2006, at that time I had not made more than only a few songs in my career yet, but now I have plenty of them :-) I also uploaded the cool instrumental piece Dyvmaviolas today at 15th in my Top200-list. I don't know why I have never uploaded it untill now, but now it's suddenly in the list :D Top10 is very strong now, better than ever :-)

11.10.12: Today I uploaded a lot of songs and new versions of old songs. Here is the names:: newpieces11-10-12. First 4 pieces are new versions of older projects. Totally 44 uploads :-) So, well, now I finaly have a TOPP-200 LIST :DDDD hipp hipp!!! I have 203 songs and melodies totally in the top-list :-) Yesterday I made the melody called Ung, which means Young: Ung . Hope you like it :-)

07.10.12: Now I uploaded a lot of new songs, here are the names: Fantasy Reality, A World Of Peace, Cheese-dipSpaceship, Jump With The King, Diamonds Before Sunset, WF-Skattejegerpatruljen, Golden Danceshoes and Sommerflørt !!! :) Have a nice listen to those new songs, 5 of them in Top10 so the top-list is totally changed :) and Rellen leaves Top10 after 6 years

03.06.12: Updated the Top10 list totally :) uploaded a few songs of my best so far: 

Two songs made lately is not so good with vocals and instruments but I like the lyricks and melody: Curious + Something Irresistible

23.12.11: New track, probably my best so far  --> DanceGod

02.12.11: I have made some new music as I said :D I Want to Stay With You, The King Of The Castle, A Prince On A Horse To The Castle, Diamonds For All The Girls, Clean Singer, Da926i, Little boy, Nothing and me and my friend in my new band The Coneheads, Kurt Laursen, made together a storm and Diamonds before sunset. This is just a little bit of my and Kurt L`s new music, more will be shown later :) enjoy! :)

22.07.11: Loads of music to come :) be prepared :) and later today I should go to South-Norway to some musicians who would help and inspire me in music :) you can't even imagine how cool and nice my next uploads on this page would be :) I have some stuff finish allready :)


18.06.11: don`t too worry, big things to come:D maby I get allowd to play on stage soon, at least a freand said so:))

16.04.11: -->BIG NEWS!!<-- Time has come. Ok, people, thanks for waiting:)  I have now VERY SPESIAL things to show you, I have made a LOT of new music since January, when I uploaded a new track last time. FEEL THE NEW RHYTHM, with drums and claps and highats and everything:) a revolution in my composing-style. As we say in norway: "her kommer mange gosaker":D (here comes a lot of good stuff) BUT: I will keep my best piece so far as a secret because maby it would be used in other projects:) 

Here is the new music, my 12 favourites from the periode 03.02.11 - 22.03.11:

Rank New  Rank Top100 Name Description Date
1 1 secret announced: Daniel Sexy A disco/dance song 20.02.11
2 2 Kurmakakua Energic disco track 12.03.11
3 12 Jpoahdsa banjo 20.03.11
4 13 Qpqee 21.03.11
5 16 Padfihdf 01.03.11
6 17 Bom bakabaila 15.03.11
7 22 Eloiaf 22.02.11
8 26 Ojpofaikar 22.03.11 newest
9 27 Veivalao 13.03.11
10 28 Truy 11.03.11
11 34 Uryfaimalk 03.02.11 oldest
12 35 Hfaee 17.03.11


16.04.11: Congrats to my sister who was borned this day 21 years ago:) happy birthday!:D

13.03.11: I am making LOTS of new music, but can still not upload:) I will upload some of my earlier work though, some of my pieces for the National  FotballTeam-Song Contest in norway, listed below :)

A: EM=FEST  B: Soleklart  C: Vi stiller røde, hvite, blå  D: Drillos nye Norge  E: Gull  F: Et fotballeventyr 


03.02.11: I made a new version of Ekoska from 2007, and I moved it from 110# to Top10 :) 100 places up!:D

03.02.11: I am making music in a new style these days with different rythm, its called Reggaeton-music, but I can not upload it yet. But I think I have made some really cool music allready, maby Top10ish. :) but I can upload a midi-piece I made last year. I found it on my computer and I thought it has a good melody: Ahiramoi . Enjoy:)

25.01.11: I made the bedtimesong Sleep and the song Same old question today. And also the magical melody Dararara :)

23.01.11: I made this song today, it is an experiment with my voice, and I thoght that the name of the piece was pretty cool. Its called Bye bye bye or buy me a rose. Enjoy :D

20.01.11: My friend Kurt Laursen from Kristiansand/Norway made a cover of my song "The pain in the brain" and he renamed it to Pain in the brain. I really like his guitar-playing and the solo at the end :) hope you like the song, and his version! Enjoy :)

18.01.11: I made the song The shop is open.

16.01.11: I made the piece called: The best.

15.01.11: I made a few songs today, since its weekend now :D Sing a song and You threw my rose in our toilet and Smile to me.

14.01.11: I made the song You're okay. :)

13.01.11: I made the song You know. It is like the second part of the piece I made last time, "I wanted you to stay". The songs is like two persons in a couple who is singing to each other. 

11.01.11: I made the song I wanted you to stay. :)

10.01.11: I uploaded the song To the moon that I made yesterday. And today I made Boysvoice.

09.01.11: Hurray, now I have a Top125-list!! :D

09.01.11: I have not tried to make any music in a week, that must be a record :) I just wanted to wait for new inspiration, and I got some now. I made the song The pain in the brain today. A friend said that I could try to make more songs singing low, and I thought that it was a good idea, so I will make more low-singing songs soon. Enjoy :) And I made A hope today too.

02.01.11: I made the song: I'm a man now. It is about growing up and becoming an adult. I also made a new website with only my best pieces from each year. Everything is written in norwegian. Here is link:

01.01.11: I made a new song today, a song with a long title. Its called I was in a coma and you stole my favourite shoes. I also made the song I wasn't good enough for the radio today

01.01.11: Happy new year !! Year 2010 have been the best year for me in composing so far! Jumormasia is my favorite from 2010. :) I hope I will compose a even better piece this year ;)

17.12.10: I made Reogalimus today. Hope you like it! :) 

16.12.10: I made this piece today: Vruikalermo. It is not one of mye best pieces, but maby it has any potential somehow.

12.12.10: My cat selebrates 10 years today :D 

05.12.10: Jeg laget denne melodien i dag: Esramafilam. Håper dere liker den :)

04.12.10: Hei folkens, har vært litt opptatt i det siste med en musikk konkurranse på nettutgaven av VG, har laget masse fotballsanger, fått over 20 000 views og over 250 stemmer og bilde av meg på fremsiden av nett-VG i halvannen uke. Ja, du hørte riktig, blir nesten kjendis da :P kanskje ikke så rart siden jeg har sendt inn hele 7 bidrag på 3 uker... men jeg håper det kommer inn mange nye gode bidrag av andre, er mange bra allerede. For min del er jeg ferdig med bidragene mine i konkurransen nå. Her kommer to av de beste bidragene mine: EM = FEST og Soleklart. Håper dere liker dem! :) Resten av konkurransen finner dere her: :-)

14.11.10: Jeg laget sangen Fire år i dag. Den handler om en som ønsker at sin venn som har vært vekk i flere år skal komme tilbake igjen. Den er ikke rettet mot noen bestemt person. Enjoy! :)

02.11.10: I made the piece Ilumakreis today and puted it at 11# in my Top100-list. My inspiration is SO huge these days!! :))) I also made and uploaded a better version of Til deg(link is closed) that I made with my midikeyboard today.

01.11.10: New instrumental piece! I got the idea for Sreimafoik two days ago. I puted it in my Top10!  :)

31.10.10: I made the song Nightmare today.

26.10.10: I made and uploaded the song Midnights voice. Here is lyrics.

25.10.10: I uploaded the song Forgive me

21.10.10C: I made a new version of Hemlo, and pulled it up from #90 to #24 at my Topp100-list. 

21.10.10B: And here is a spesial experiment with my new midikeyboard: ScaryAction. I thought some parts of it was fun, but probably you would call it totally pointless :P

21.10.10A: I have got a midikeyboard! :) I made a piece when I experimented with the keyboard, and to me it sounds like a good melody, so here it is: Testing med keyrig (#49)

13.10.10: I made Jumormasia today. It is my new overall favourite :D my inspiration was the mining site in Chile. The trumpet illustrate all the hard work, and all the cool things about it, and the flute-part illustrate the feelings when the workers get up from the hole in the ground and meet their family again after 69 days :)

12.10.10: Jeg laget og lastet opp låten Ingen i dag. Lastet også opp Gopsi og Selof, et par gamle instrumentale låter jeg oppdaterte i mitt nye program som klatret mange plasser i Topp100 listen min.

24.09.10: Ignorer gjerne det siste jeg har laget, og heller gå til Topp-lista mi. Det jeg har laget fra 17/09 er mest for spesielt interesserte, og ennå på idèstadiet :P

21.09.10: Jeg laget sangen Det er bare å komme til meg og sangen Lever til livet tar slutt. :)

20.09.10: Jeg laget låten Her er jeg i dag. 

19.09.10: I går laget jeg sangen Gammel.

17.09.10: Jeg laget en ny sang i går, jeg ga den navnet Min båt :)

14.09.10: I filmed and uploaded a clip with me playing three of my best songs from this year. Here is a link: Hope you enjoys it! :) 

14.09.10: BIG NEWS AGAIN: guess what, now I have a Top100-list! :D Today I uploaded totally 9 songs that I have made earlier this summer. None of them are superfantastic, but not too bad either. The 9 pieces are: Veien hjem (#18), Snart for sent (#36), Skal vi danse (#47), Overraskelse (#48), Spiller ingen rolle (#49), Bare meg igjen (#50), Rolig ut (#51), Jeg er ikke viktig (#54) and Hadde jeg hørt på deg (#63). I also uploaded a mp3 of a piece I made last year, Ralmolia (#46), and a new version of Lys i tunnelen (#8) with duble voice in the second half :) Hope you like them! :) At this moment piece #100 at my Top100-list is Hemlighet. I also changed a lot in the Top100-list, and also the Top10. I moved Bruddet (#4) and Horfirus (#5) up to Top10, and Poilameroika (#12) and Først (#16) out of it.

09.09.10: I make new stuff allmost everyday these months, lol, today I made a crazy song called Skattefinnern (the treasureseacher), I hope you like it :) it is not so very good, but a little crazy :P

08.09.10: I just want to tell that a filmmaker contacted me and said he wanted some of my music in his movie :D it is a movie in highschool, it is not sure if he will use my music or not, but he asked me if he could use it, it is for a fullyear movieproject for his class :) thanks to you! :)

07.09.10: Sangene Bruddet og Kveldsvise er laget og lastet opp i dag! :) I tillegg kommer den spesiale "vintersounden" Jeg fryser som skal få dere i vinterstemning. :P

06.09.10: Jeg lagde sangen Snøballkrig i dag. :)

02.09.10: Jeg lagde den vinterlige sangen Vintertider i dag, og plasserte den i Topp10! Håper dere liker den :) man må jo se litt positivt på at sommeren går mot slutten for i år, den kommer jo tilbake om ikke så lenge heller :)

01.09.10: Old projects that I updated with new versions today: Yromalek, Hismulener

31.08.10: Hello everyone, big news!!! I have got a NEW PROGRAM called REAPER to make music, and I have allready made some of my other works much better! 

Updated tracks---> Felomamo (moved from #10 to #1), Poilameroika (moved from #18 to #6), Horfirus (moved from #42 to #13), Uroiana and Loafarkal. Hope you enjoy them! :) 

And suddenly I have found a place to put my files on the web :D A friend showed me the site called Thanks for that! :)


25.08.10: I moved Loafarkal from #18 to #4 because I think it is good enough for Top10 :)

24.08.10: Another new piece is uploaded! It is called Loafarkal. Each part of it is like a new chapter in a story, with new instruments. The piece is nothing super-spesial or so, but easy listening with not too many things going on at once. Hope you enjoy listening to it :) I ranked it #18.

23.08.10: I made a new instrumental piece yesterday, its called Henmarkaluas, and I ranked it #29. Hope you like it :)

12.08.10: Tror kanskje jeg blåser i å sende demoer til folk lenger. Er jo ingen som bryr seg om musikk av en amatør uten utdannelse uansett. :P Jeg vil bare fortsette å lage musikk etter musikk, så kan noen oppdage meg hvis de har lyst til det. Jeg er altså åpen for å lære mer om musikk dersom det skulle bli aktuelt en dag på et større nivå. :) Jeg laget forresten denne i går etter å ha tatt frem en gammel idè: Oddrane vinner.

10.08.10: I made a new piece today, its called Poilameroika. Another stupid name, huh? :P I have to make something unique as a name everytime, and often it may be stupid. Enjoy the piece :)

07.08.10: I made this cinematic piece late yesterday, or actually I started it a week ago, but most of it is made yesterday. Its called Attwat. Enjoy :)

02.08.10: Jeg laget enda et par nye sanger i dag. Den ene heter Jeg vil ikke dra enda, og handler om at en dag er livet over, og noen får beskjed om at de har så og så lenge igjen å leve pga kreft osv eller rett og slett alderdom. Den kan også handle om det å dra hjem fra for eksempel utlandet eller hva enn man kan tenke seg :) Den andre sangen er en slags kjærlighetssang, den heter Hvis hjertet nekter å slå. Synes melodien til begge sangene ble ganske søte og fine. Men det får dere lyttere avgjøre om jeg har rett i :)

01.08.10: Jeg laget et par nye sanger i dag. Den ene humoristiske heter Alkis i utforbakken. :) Lyrics. Den er ikke helt typisk meg, men jeg ville prøve å lage litt nytt. Den andre heter "Når du flyr". Lyrics. Jeg vil laste opp sistnevnte senere :)

29.07.10: I updated Iklopaplo a lot today, the second half of the piece, and I moved it from 35th to 11th place :) maby its worth to be in my Top10 soon.

28.07.10: I made the piece with the funny name Iklopaplo today. It is very energic.

28.07.10: I have made a new version of Yfoklaimar, it is now different instruments in each speaker. I am modernising a bit :P its called to Pan the instruments. I also uploaded a mp3 version of the piece Horfirus today, and ranked it 38th :P

27.07.10: I bought a midi-keyboard today that I hope should give me a lot more inspiration to make new pieces! :D

26.07.10: I made a new piece again. It is very simple, its like a background music in a platform game or adventure game or something. I gave it the name Loimarsal, and ranked it 36th at the Top70-list :P

25.07.10: I updated the lists at the Music-page! :)

24.07.10: Three pieces in One day!! :D and one of them is one of my favourites already: Yfoklaimar. The other two pieces that I made today is Treporias and Æåasif.

20.07.10: Three pieces in three days, and this might be one of my favourites as well: I made Himenaiola today! Enjoy :)

19.07.10: I made Uroiana today. It is a mystical piece. Hope you like it :) I will put it around 20th at my top list.

18.07.10: I made Felomamo today! It is probably my best cinematic piece so far :) I think I will put it in my Top10 :D this is like my comeback in composing in Midimaker after writing songs for a while :)

13.07.10: Topp70 lista er totalt endret etter at jeg har lagt inn mange av de nye låtene! Hele 11 låter fra 2010 er nå blant de 17 øverste låtene! Jeg som trodde 2007 var et produktivt år med 49 prosjekter.. nå står plutselig kun to av dem igjen i Topp17. Dermed er 2007 overgått av 2010 som tar over stafettpinnen for det mest produktive året, hurra hurra hurra!! :D Nye låter: Leve livet (#11), Du er en engel (#10), Komme hjem (#4). Håper dere liker dem! :-) 

05.07.10: I have got my own album! :D jeg har fått mitt eget album! :D It is called Snart sommer! (I made it in april, but forgot it, and thought they didnt like it) If you seach for "Snart sommer Daniel" at google you will find it too. Hope you like it! :)

01.07.10: I have made lots of new pieces lately, but I have no place to put it on the internett, only some of the pieces. I will upload a piece I made today actually. It is called Her er jeg (here I am).

15.06.10: I made a new version of Xufian. Hope you like it :) it is very energic this time, and I puted it 16th at my Top50-list.

08.06.10: I will upload one piece today actually! Its called Først (first), and here is lyrics translated to english: "do you think its sad, when everyone else get to goal when you end up last place? Just let it happend, don't think of it, one day you are first". I puted it at 1st place at my top50 because it is so optimistic song! :) I also uploaded the song called Litt etter litt that I made today! :)

08.06.10: Hi visitors! I have made lots of new songs lately in the same style as "Egentlig", but I don't have enough space to upload it. I just wanna tell you that I am in a very good composition mood these days even if I have not uploaded so much since april, but it will come! :)

20.05.10: Skal legge mer vekt på andre interessante ting enn bare musikk. Jeg drømmer sykt mye både om nettene og dagdrømming, og dette vil jeg gjøre om til flere interessante ting. Drømming er IKKE en u-ting for meg. Jeg har holdt på å nå langt ved hjelp av det flere ganger i mange retninger. Det er min form for meditasjon. Jeg vil også satse mer på å skrive på Norsk på denne hjemmesiden fremover. You other better learn Norwegian to follow my spesial future :P but I will still have some of it in english. 

01.05.10: I made another new song. Its called Egentlig.

29.04.10: I uploaded a new version of Televisjon, and puted it in my Top10. Here is lyrics

27.04.10: I made another new song today. Its called Televisjon. I also upload a piece with 5 of my short songs that I made in the weekend: Mini viser

25.04.10: I made some new songs today :) I am in a really good mood these days. The first song I upload is called Kveld for de små with lyrics. The others is called Lys i tunellen, Sove and Synger for deg. I am in like a crazy composing mood these days :P Im trying to make as much as possible before I loose the inspiration. I am sorry to you who not speak norwegian, I will make new english stuff later! :)

24.04.10: Guess what, I made a new song again :) this time it is about working. I felt the day at my job was very long today so I made this song, its called For en arbeidsdag. Here is lyrics

22.04.10: BIG NEWS! I made a new favourite today! Only few hours old, and it is allready in 1st place at my Music room! It is a very sad norwegian song, its called Aleine sitter jeg (I'm sitting alone). Hope you enjoy :) Here is lyrics. Now Rellen is down from 1st place after being there constantly for 3 and a half year!! I am not sure how I will think about my new piece after the first impretion is gone, but I hope it will stay high in the list :)

21.04.10: I made a new piece this week, its called Uten deg. And here is Lyrics. It is a sad song about loseing a friend. It is also my first Rap-piece ever! :)

20.04.10: I made a new room in my website; its called "Video projects", which has the best of my videos. Comedy and music clips ++ :) hope you will enjoy! That is my second hobby after composing.

08.04.10: Here is me singing Yesterday on youtube: Me singing yesterday.

02.04.10: Since it is springtime in norway and the snow is going away I made this little song: Snart sommer. I hope you enjoy it. It is not my best work, but I made it since it is soon summer! Hurray!! :D Here are lyrics too: Lyrics. :)

31.03.10: I puted 3 pieces that I made in 2008 up in the Top50. I have totally forgot those three. It is Slormona, Sirmikos and Ofikorimul. Not so supergood pieces, but with some good elements in my opinion, if that matters :P

28.03.10: New piece! I made the technotrack called Cirmolika. It is very energic! Hope you enjoy listening to it :)

25.03.10: I made a new song, my best english song so far. Its called Fly Up. :) 

    Now has Top5 a piece from each year between 2006 and 2010.

    --> 1st: Rellen (2006), 2nd: Navolo (2007), 3rd: Tilbake (2008), 4th: Fly Up (2010) and 5th: Ykrafyt (2009). 

23.03.10: I made a new piece, its called Byljamas. I really like the bassline in thisone :) I also made Joslavasio.

22.03.10: I uploaded mp3-files of Jilovelaa and Hamnaluffy! :)

21.03.10: Suddenly I have made something new! It is a cool little piece called Hamnaluffy. :) I made a song to it too: Hamnaluffysong.. Lyrics

02.03.10: I made some new lists at the Music page: Mood top 10, Winners in different categorys and Winners each year

28.02.10: New pieces: Fenomasa, Oinakaff.

26.01.10: I made some new stuff few weeks ago, or actually I didnt make anything, but I found out that I could use the Ekstra-funtion in MidiMaker called "Flip Notes" in some of my pieces. So here is two pieces I thought was cool after flipping the notes: Ykrafyt flippa and Fontelo flippa. Hope you enjoy! :)            And I wonder why there is so many from Russia who visits my site these days. I would be glad if you wrote a note in my guestbook, but you dont have to ofcause :) hope you like my music. :)

12.01.10: Here is my new piece I made today: Gromila! It is very simple, but a little classical music, and I found out it was interesting when I playd it backwards, so the second half is turned backwards. Hope you like it :)

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