Entire News List:

This is the entire news list, but its not allways up to date.

19.01.08: I uploaded the midi and song Larimolavo. :)

17.01.08: I uploaded Ulikolus!

07.01.08: I suddenly have made a new piece, its called Baryfus. :)

22.12.07: I made a new piece today, its called Homikus, I hope you like it :)

04.12.07: I have made one of my better pieces today. It is very happy, and I used many of my techniques in it. The piece is called Defolikus, I hope you enjoy :) I also changed the Top10 today.

02.12.07: I have been home from my job sevral weeks now because of an operation. It is not a big thing, but I am so sick of being home now, and it is hard to get inspiration to make new music when I am home. I am sorry that I dont upload so much music these days. :( 

25.11.07: New piece, its called Nerslofas! It is a nice and simple melody.

23.11.07: I uploaded a new piece called Firmikus today! :)

12.11.07: I uploaded Mp3 of the song "Left Out".

08.11.07: I was to an importan football match today, and we lost :( we will maby get to 2nd division.. From this sad feeling I made a new song that I named "Left Out". I have uploaded a midi now, and probably a mp3 later :)

31.10.07: New one, its called Tokloanos! 

27.10.07: New piece, its called Ekoska :)

23.10.07: I made a new piece called Ognafiun, it is very fast. I hope you enjoy! :)

18.10.07: I made a new song today, it is very sad and about my past. I named it "tomt blikk" which means "empty eyes". I tryed to catch the feelings I had when I didnt find any meanings of life, it felt like a neverending "empty eyes"- periode. I hope you like the piece and the lyrics :)

17.10.07: I uploaded Iskaup!

16.10.07: I uploaded a new piece called Fyskanos. Last week I was in Spain with my family, we had a nice trip.

27.09.07: Ykles is uploaded, I used less than 2 hours on it, I hope you like it!

23.09.07: Tasmir is uploaded as midi and Mp3, it is my piece nr 100! :)

21.09.07: I changed the Top10 and uploaded a Mp3 of Wilforn.

20.09.07: A new super piece is uploaded :) I named it Wilforn!

18.09.07: New piece; Xufian is uploaded.

16.09.07: I uploaded an energic song of Svolfy called "Last of love, Svolfy" :)

13.09.07: I uploaded a Norwegian song I have made, but its not finnished. Its called Sideg (english; Tellyou).

07.09.07: A new piece, its called Zerelses! :)

06.09.07: I have uploaded a new piece, its called Quskma.

28.08.07: A new piece is uploaded; Lesitos! I hope you like it.

23.08.07: I made a new website witch contains only my 5 best pieces. I know dronjom.tk is a bit weird :P so I made an optimal site. The adress is www.DR-favourites.tk . I also changed the Top10 and uploaded two of my mp3s; Bilemos and Cesmin! 

23.08.07: Today I worked 9 hours at my job at the shoppingsenter :D It is a dreamjob for me. My life is so nice these days, and I love everything in it! :D 

22.08.07: I made and added the piece Cesmin in less than 2 hours today. It is one of my favourites! :)

20.08.07: Now I have made one of my favourite pieces so far, its called Rolsei and its a lots of action in it, I hope you enjoy it :)

15.08.07: I made a new piece with much action today, its called Kasmos. Imagine a cool town in cosmos while listening  :)

08.08.07: I made a new piece with the name Ismenas!

06.08.07: A new piece is made, and its called Dysmas, I hope you like it :) Yesterday my family and I came home from a nice week in Denmark. And today I was to the doctor and he said that I was OK :)

23.07.07: I made a new scary piece called Aulora. Im just back from a trip on Hardangervidda with my dad, btw, and tomorrow my family and I should go to Sweden. :)

15.07.07: I have made a new song called Hemlighet (Secret). Its about an "adress" to a feeling of freedom I have these days. I hope you like it :) I have been away on holydays lately, btw. I walked in the mountain (Rondane) three days with a friend of mine. We had a nice trip :)

03.07.07: A new piece, its called Hurmola!

28.06.07: I uploaded a mp3 version of Iforny and renamed it to Vinnerlaget (The winning team)! I hope you like it :)

25.06.07: I made a new version of the old piece called Tylja.

13.06.07: I wrote some thougts about future inventions in the Other-stuff site. 

11.06.07: A new piece is made; Uromalia! I hope you like it :)

07.06.07: A new piece; Orofus!

06.06.07: New midipiece, its called Valtmir!

27.05.07: A new piece is uploaded, its called Bilemos!

26.05.07: I changed the backgroundcolour to green and deleted some of the poorest pieces in the "Midi archive" section.

25.05.07: New piece called Eimola uploaded! :)

25.05.07: Late yesterday I made a norwegian song to the Volefios melody about the end of school. Its called Skoleslutt ( = end of school). I hope you like it :) This day is my last day at school, and its a weird feeling. This day is also my birthday, I am 20 years now, hurray! :D

24.05.07: A new piece is made, its called Jeloa!

23.05.07: I have made a new piece, and its very different from my usual work. Its called Pelofitus, I hope you like it. .:)

22.05.07: The new pieces Volefios, Kuloela and Selof is uploaded, I hope you like them! :)

20.05.07: I updated the Top10 list!

19.05.07: New mp3 piece; its called Jilovelaa!

14.05.07: I made a new piece today, its called Gulafi!

13.05.07: New piece made, its called Falosa!

11.05.07: I made and uploaded the new piece called Lakosa that I have played on keyboards in months. I also made the simple piece called Kalofalo.

10.05.07: I made a new piece called Bolomo today. I also made the old midipiece Riudaa to mp3, I hope you enjoy.

09.05.07: The latest weeks have been a little hard for me :( its hard to decide what I should do after the summerholidays.. But good news is that I uploaded a new version of Hemlo and a song to Rellen and Hemlo today. I hope you like them :)

21.04.07: I uploaded three pieces made lately. I hope they are not too cliche. They are called Jumenas, Emokalo and Nifula.

08.04.07: I made and uploaded the piece called Hinomur.

07.04.07: I have been away the latest days, but I have still made some new pieces. 4.April I made Ganomy, 5. April I made Fontelo and 6. April I made Irmesa. I hope you like them. I will change the Top10 soon.

03.04.07: Again I have made a new piece. I named it Navolo, and it represent the feelings I have today.

02.04.07: New mp3-piece, its called Aimako!

01.04.07: I made a new midi again, called Palirino. I got the melody after playing on my friends piano around a month ago. Enjoy :)

31.03.07: A new midi is made and uploaded, its called Lytrak.

20.03.07: I uploaded a new midi, its called Elifo. It is a melody I have played a lot on keyboards the latest months, I hope you like it :)

15.03.07: I have made a new midipiece today, its 7th in my Top10 and its called Kvolias. 2007 have been a very spesial and positive year for me so far.

03.03.07: I made a song about my cool cat today. It is in Norwegian, I hope you like it. :)

27.02.07: I made a random Norwegian song to the Melsk melody, I hope you like it :) I will make a better version later!

14.02.07: I uploaded a song I started yesterday, but its not finnish yet. It is called Its Hard To Believe The Truth, and its inspired of the periodes when I am thinking of life.

11.02.07: I made Malnio to mp3, I think it sounds cool, hehe. :P

09.02.07: I made the new mp3 song called "I remember November"! It is very personally and dedicated to my mam after my hard times in November 2004. I also made "Singing My Pain Away" to mp3.

08.02.07: I made the new midipiece called Feymo.

07.02.07: My first song made by my real life experiences is made and uploaded. Its called "Singing My Pain Away", but the quality is low to save space. I hope you like it, even if my voice is very false, hehe. :)

06.02.07: I made some new mp3s of my midifiles; Eragos and Olino is added! I also made the old piece Agleso as a mp3, so have a look at thatone too! :)

05.02.07: Today I made lyrics to my favourite melodies; Hemlo and Rellen. I will not upload it yet cause the soundquality is bad and it takes too much space at my web. 

04.02.07: The latest days I have worked a lot with music in mp3, I have suddenly learned more about it. The mp3s of Rellen, Hemlo and Dellyng is updated to the Top10 and to the mp3/wav-group. I hope you enjoy! :)

01.02.07: Today I worked a lot with the site and puted it at the nett. 

30.01.07: I started the new homepage at my computer!