Piczo News:

This is news from my first website at dronjom.piczo.com:

04.02.07: I made a new version of Hemlo in mp3, and I puted it in the list. Enjoy! :) I also changed the name from "wav-files" to "mp3-files" since I from now on should use mp3 more.

03.02.07: Suddenly I have learned better how to make music files, so I made and added the new mp3-files Rellen and Dellyng, I am very proud of them so have a listen! :)

02.02.07: I made and added the new piece called Dellyn, my inspiration was the feeling I got when I saw in the news that the weather can destroy us if we dont stop our C02 discharge.

02.02.07: I am working with a new website, but this old one will still be the main site. The link is in the Links-list!

31.01.07: Today I made a new version of Ifor, its now called Iforny. It is an arabic-like song and it is a lot of anger in it.

30.01.07: I made a new version of Relle, its now called Rellen.

20.01.07: New piece made today, its called Romvio.

09.01.07: Olino is uploaded, its a sad melody I made in 3-4 hours :)

08.01.07: The crazy piece called Skralmo is added to the site.

01.01.07: Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you had a great day like I had :)

29.12.06: I splitted up Lirmoto to three pieces again; Lirmo, Glofty and Dirlark. That made me pass the 50th piece line on my site, hurray :D I also made a updated Top10.

29.12.06: I am in a good musicmakeing mood these days, and today I uploaded a new piece again, its called Geosif. Hope you like it :)

27.12.06: The new piece Eragos is added.

25.12.06: New piece, its called Belyng!

09.12.06: I made and added a new piece today called Melsk, and it reach 5th place in my Top10! I hope you like it! :)

29.11.06: I added a new version of Hemlo again.

23.11.06: Today my site is 1 year old, hurray!! :D

21.11.06: I got the results of the Octobercompetition at midi-contest where I had posted Svolfy; I got the score 7,13/10 and 35th place out of totaly 50

31.10.06: I made a new link to a site called midi-contest.com at the "links" list! Midi-contest is a nice site where I can post some of my pieces once in a whild to see if I can get any symbolic prices ;)

30.10.06: I puted together Dirlark, Lirmo and Glofty and made it to the piece called Lirmoto which reach the second place in my Top10 ;)

29.10.06: New piece again, its called Dirlark and I puted it to the Archive map!

28.10.06: I added the new piece called Glofty to the Midi-files list, hope you enjoy! :)

26.10.06: I uploaded a (old) piece called Jeksi directly to the midi Archive since it is not so good.

25.10.06: Suddenly I have some new music to the site; Malnio (few months old) and Lirmo (made today) and both of them reach Top10! I hope you enjoy them!! :-)

07.10.06: New version of Svolfy uploaded.

28.09.06: I uploaded a new version of Hemlo today, hope you like it!

20.09.06: Hurray, I got up to 5000 hits, thanks very much all you visitors for visiting my site!! :)

16.09.06: I uploaded the new piece Svolfy and made a new, updated Top10-list with the new piece Svolfy at the top and the piece called Hemlo at 2nd! And now all the midis are working again and the password to the site is removed!

14.08.06: I changed name to "Archive" instead of the old "Other" and puted all the midis and wav files I have made in that map. Also I changed some of the texts around the site, and made a link to my new Guestbook.

13.08.06: I passworded my site today cause it is under construction! Today I also made the new piece called Svolfy, I will upload it later.

31.08.06: I also made a new verison of Malnio today, and it will reach my Top10, but I will not upload it yet.

31.08.06: I have a bad News; the place where I puted and linked my latest pieces have upgraded so the links doesnt work, so I got to find another place to link my newest pieces. This means that all pieces made after Afey is not working at this site... :(

29.08.06: New midi is made, its called Malnio.

28.08.06: A new and short violin piece is added, its called Nuito!

27.08.06: Another new midi, called Iblay, is made and uploaded, It is a multi trombone piece!

25.08.06: A new midi is added: its called Flisp and I made it around a week ago.

25.08.06: I made a linked "Midi-files history"- map to the "newest midis"- headline where I list up all my pieces in a system where the oldest piece is in the bottom and the newest is at the top.

24.08.06: Hello visitors: a new midi is made and uploded! Its called Vrido and I used around 4 hours on it (today). I hope you like it!

23.08.06: I added two new files, Smofko and Kitro, directly to the Other group cause they are very simple, but for me the melodies are nice. Kitro is many melodies puted together, each of them are made a long time ago, and Smofko is only around a week old.

18.08.06: New votepoll made! :) In the new votepoll you can chose between some of my newest melodies; Relle, Losker, Hemlo, Lutty and Joilo, so go listen to them and vote for the one you like best!! Pelgon won the last votepoll with 50% of the total votes! I also made a lots of small changes to the site today.

17.08.06: I uploaded a new version of Lutty with guitar and strings!

15.08.06: A new midi made; Losker is added, it is my first stringmidi ever! I puted also som of my bad midis in the Other group!

13.08.06: I added the new midi Joilo, and puted some of the bad midis in the Other group!

12.08.06: Now I have passed 4000 hits on my site, thanks to all you visitors!

10.08.06: I added the midi called "Flonsak" to the midi-files list! It is an experiment made by the program Finale.

10.08.06: I made an "other"-map in the midi-files section and puted some of my most useless midis like "brelle", "nelkof" and "surfer" there to get more space. I will maby take this midis up again later and make them sound better when I get the time.

10.08.06: The new melody called Hemlo (made two days ago) reach the 2. place in my Top10 list!

10.08.06: I started the "Dronjom Music News" today, and also made an "Entire news list"-map with old news! I took the MusicNews-idea from the site www.vgmusic.de!

old 05.08.06: Now I have reached 30 different midi melodies!

old 31.07.06: I made and added the new midi called Relle and it reach the 9. place in my Top10 list!

old ca23.05.06: I made a midi Top10 list to the site, with the midi called "Only" 1st! Also i made a "newest midi"-thing with the 5 latest midis, and a "my site upgraded"-thing.

old april.06: I made and uploaded totaly 4 midis: Riudaa, Kidak, Afey and Hedat!

old 25.03.06: I added the song "only" to the song list. Its a little english song I made about 5 years ago.

old 23.03.06: I added the melody "agleso+" to the wav list. I used 6 of my melodies together with a background melody from CubasisVST: an examplemelody called "Housetrax.all".

old january-february.06: I had a good simple-music-composing-periode, and made and added few midis: "jaufe", "kopso" and "agleso" are some of them.

old 10.01.06: I added the midi "primes", also called "PrimeNumberNusic_nr1b" cause it is made by primenumbers!

old 24.11.05-01.03.06: A lot of small upgrades of the web site happends: I made a frame around my music files with the headlines: "midi-files", "wav-files" and "songs".
I added a shoutbox, a pollhost, I added a picture of me and wrote about myself. I added some links to Midimaker and Younkomposers and I wrote a welcome text to you visitors. I dont remember exactly the dates this changes happend.

old 25.11.05: About 10 simple midi melodies added. "only", "plomme" and "ifor" is some of them. Also I added the simple norwegian song called "stjerneskudd" that I wrote few years ago.

old 23.11.05: I started the dronjom site.

older november 2005: I downloaded and used the midiprogram MidiMaker for the first time, and also I found the Youncomposers.com site after seaching on google cause I wanted to share my music ideas with other people.

older ca2001: I found it fun to make melodies for the first time and made few melodies like Only, Ifor, Plomme and Tjuefem, but I only recorded it in to an easy pc program with a poor mic. I also made few songs like Stjerneskudd and Only.

older 25.05.1987: I was borned.

oldest 01.01.-37000000000: the world begins! lol