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Navn: Daniel Rønjom

Alder: 32

Sted: Skien, Norway




I am a selftaught hobbymusician and I use bad feelings in my life to make melodies. It makes me much happier! :) 


I am making a lot of ideas with music and other stuff. I think record comanies are stupid if they just ignore me because I don't finish all my stuff, but rather start with new projects :P If I never get contract with anybody its ok (and now it's too late anyways, because I will start my own Record Company very soon muaha :p ) , I like to work in the foodstore :) and I like to use more time making new music rather than making perfect Demos to everyone.. I guess they won't even listen to my 1st track of my demo if I haven't wrote at least 2 pages about myself or so. If anybody want one of my pieces or ideas to their projects its just to contact me at the e-mail adress at: :) I will continue making new stuff.:)



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