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best pieces after 2013

1. Jilovelaa2019

2. Meg Selv (scandinavian song)

3. First Melody Of The Year (instrumental)

4. Melsk2019

here's a random song from "best pieces after 2013"

These are the songs I am most proud of

Song name Description
A World Of Peace I was invited to sing it in Bergen, so I was performing it 6 December 2012.
Dance God My account on youtube
Kramolaff Me on myspace
WF-Skattejegerpatruljen Me on nrk urørt
Cheese-dipSpaceship6 The midiprogram I use, its very easy and simple
a nice melody. A nice melody.
Diamonds Before Sunset a song I made with a friend. A place where you can win symbolic prices for your music in free contests A site to a friend of me I have meted at the nett My old website
dronjom This website My myspace site My sisters website - dronjomteamstats A online football manager game with thousends of online players.
Facebook Seach for "Daniel Rønjom"
song to come Description to come